THE JAMES BROWN SHOW debuts as America’s premier and only 52-week, fully national, sports and entertainment half-hour broadcast TV series. Showcasing America’s foremost stars from all major sports and other popular luminaries, THE JAMES BROWN SHOW makes news and break news, featuring intimate and revealing face-to face interviews with the personalities who define sports in the 21st century. A three-time All-Ivy League basketball player, and senior captain of his Harvard team, JB is a trusted anchor, journalist and reporter who has covered every major sport in his 30+ year career. 

Covering more than 93% of the United States on leading network owned and operated and affiliated broadcast stations, THE JAMES BROWN SHOW delivers a compelling and unique sports experience, each week, for the young and active Adult 25–49 audience that your stations and brands are always seeking.

Shot on location in New York, Washington, D.C. Los Angeles and the Super Bowl, where you and your clients receive a standing invitation to meet and greets on our set, THE JAMES BROWN SHOW is the perfect companion to live sports, local news and late night.

Hosted by the three-time national Emmy winner, and the winner of the 2016 Pete Rozelle Award, THE JAMES BROWN SHOW is destination viewing for a wide and diverse male and female audience.